Hyacinthe Baron
Artist's Proofs and numbered pieces
Offered for Resale by Collectors and Artist's Portfolio from the Hyacinthe Kuller Art Museum Archival Trust and Collection
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Hyacinthe Baron Lithographs

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Lithographs.
barongalleries.com and barongallery.com offer collectors artist proofs and numbered pieces signed in pencil by Hyacinthe Kuller.
Black and white and color on watermark paper.
Motherhood, Childhood, Lovers, Women.

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron best selling Lithograph numbered and signed editions
have been exhibited in galleries and department stores nationwide and set auction records.
Hyacinthe's Lithographs have been best sellers at art auctions since 1970. Most editions sold out upon publication.
Hyacinthe's Lithographs are collected world-wide and are in the Smithsonian and other Museums, Public, Corporate, Private and Celebrity Collections.

MOTHERHOOD. An exemplary example of the series in a limited edition of 175 numbered and signed pieces including. 5 Artist's Proofs with 5 Printers Proofs that are in the Smithsonian. Sold out edition. Current Retail Values Appraised at $18,000.00 and up depending on condition. A Certificate of Authenticity, Appraisal and Provenance should be available from Collectors offering for Resale on www.barongalleries.com and www.barongallery.com. Check available pieces from editions currently being offered. and themes to purchase along with one of these pieces. Please inquire at 760 408 1881.

"Two Women"
Signed Artist's Proof
Black and White
Size: 20"x26"

"Come Be My Love"
Signed Artist's Proof
Black and White
Size: 20"x26

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"
Signed Artist's Proof
Black and White
Size: 20"x26

"Two Children Kissing"
Color: Browns, Golds, Reds, Blues
Original Signed Artist's Proof
Size: 19"x24"

"Mother and Child"
The gift of love.
Signed Artist's Proof
Color: red,gold,brown
Size: 19"x24"


Allow two to three weeks delivery.


Hyacinthe Kuller Baron original Lithographs are exquisitely rendered on stone and metal plates. The artist has worked with Master Lithographers in New York City and Los Angeles to produce original, signed and numbered Lithograph Editions that are explosive, impressionistic, in the moment and forever and are today considered ICONS. Icons were created in the late 60's and early 70's and the lithograph editions were never produced again after the lithographs were published and sold out. Today original signed and numbered pieces and artists proofs are considered Icons by a famous Contemporary American Artist, Hyacinthe Kuller Baron

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To order and for more information call: 760 408 1881 or email: barongalleries@aol.com or barongallery@aol.com.

Thank you.

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