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Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Iconic Paintings, Lithographs, Miniatures From Private Collectors Offered for Resale.. Acquire Available Art Signed Hyacinthe and Hyacinthe Kuller.
Icons available for the first time since the late 1960's, 1970's on the themes of Motherhood, Childhood, and Women.
Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Paintings become family heirlooms.
Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron paintings in oil and acrylic and mixed media

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron has been referred to as the "heir to Michelangelo and Rubens."

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1E: SOLD!!!!  "Cassandra...Aspara Aspect" . Giclee only: 3' x 4' on canvas: $5400.00

2E: "Three Women With Flowers" Sold. Giclee only: 3' x 4' on canvas.$3500.00
3E: " Evening Star" Sold. Giclee only: 3' x 4' on canvas. $3500.00 
4E: "Temptress":: Sold. Giclee only: 3' x 4" on canvas. $3500.00
5E: "Golden Headband": Sold. Giclee only: 3'x4' on canvas. $3500.oo
6E: "Red Hooded Asparas": Original Painting Available: $75,000.00 Mythic Oil on canvas:From the "Cassandra's Tear Trilogy" Giclee Available: $3500.00
7E: "Erotic Dreams. Sold. Giclee only: 3' x 4' on canvas. $4500.00

"Cassandra...Aspara Aspect"

There are four aspects of the Aspara. In this recent painting Hyacinthe Baron imparts the beauty of Cassandra. The Aspara aspect inspires the soul of the lover and the poet.
Oil on canvas
Mixed media, metallics
Marble Dust

"Three Women With Flowers

The good and the evil...
The three aspects of the female Captured in this painting by Hyacinthe Baron
in a symbiotic relationship.

Oil and Acrylic on canvas
Metallic gold and silver


Passionate, Powerful, Playful
The Temptress lures lovers with a look,
a stance as in this painting.
Hyacinthe Baron arrives at a chiarascuro combination to express
the black and white allure
of the Temptress.

Acrylic, Oil on canvas
Mixed Media
Metallic gold and silver


In this painting by Hyacinthe Baron
the model is drawn from the artist's Imagination. The symbol of the horse represents the male aspect of love.

Acrylic and Oil on canvas.
Earth tones

"Red Hooded Asparas"
Asparas are the essence of the female.
Hyacinthe Baron in this painting capturesthe longing, the hope,
the expectation
and the "Beauty of the Female Spirit.

Acrylic, Oil on canvass
Metallic gold and silver

Cadmium red and Alizaron Crimson


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