DRAWING by Making Your Marktm

Just Published:The first workbook in the Making Your Marktm Series.

Making Your Marktm is
A Successful Art Technique
for Drawing Out Creativity.

Fun, Easy, Fast Excercises.

Learn to draw in less than an hour.

Tested and Proven
Developed by Master Artist Hyacinthe Baron

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DRAWING by Making Your Marktm

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DRAWING by Making Your Marktm, A Successful Art Technique for Drawing Out Creativity

Based on tested and proven art techniques
developed by Master Artist Hyacinthe Baron.

About Making Your Marktm Art Techniques

About the Making Your Marktm Workbook Series:

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PAINTING by Making Your Marktm

Free Sample Lesson:

Free Sample Drawing by Making Your Marktm Art Lesson

1. Begin with a blank piece of paper.
2. Place the fingertips of both hands on the blank paper.
3. Listen to music.
4. Begin to slowly smear your fingertips all over the blank paper.
5. Think of nothing.
6. Listen to your heartbeat.

7. Suddenly an image will pop into your head.

8. Smear, but do not attempt to draw any image.

9. Only feel and smear.

Thinking this is crazy?

This is nothing.
Just you wait until you dirty your fingers.

Please come back soon to find out more.
You will be amazed at the way the Making Your Marktm Art Techniques draw out your creativity.
Even the Blind can draw.


DRAWING by Making Your Marktm is available at the following Art Suppliers and book stores and online booksellers:
Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, BAMM, Borders Books.com, iUniverse.com, Dick Blick.com:More