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What is Hyacinthe Kuller Baron up to in 2005? The artist is devoting her time to archiving the works created during a more than 40 year professional career as artist, sculptor, dress and interior designer, poet, playright and published author. The Hyacinthe Art Museum is located at the Baron Conservancy on a dedicated site in Wonder Valley, California. Artist's Statement
Hyacinthe Baron

"Life is a journey and I have searched
for ideals and values. Always looking for a way to disregard
the pain of reality and immerse my viewer in beauty.
As an artist I constantly strive to capture, in the purest sense,
emotions,and movement according to my mentor
Marcel Duchamp.
I seek to convey the power of creativity:
from the first mark on the canvas of my painting.
To the first cut into clay of my sculpture,
to the first word of my published book.

Who is the woman in my paintings, sculpture and writings?
She is Cassandra.
She is an icon of modern woman: proud, sensuous and powerful.
She is the beauty of the human spirit.
My art is Transmigrational, a phrase I use to express my concern
with an aesthetic ideal so the duality of human nature becomes
an expression of harmony."

The Wild Child

As a child prodigy Hyacinthe began to make art
free of rules and preconceived ideas. The art and vision of Hyacinthe Baron impart the essence
of emotion in masterly refined images.
The Gypsy lifestyle of Hyacinthe's childhood
nurtured the freedom of spirit,
the artist's most cherished possession.
Without formal education, yet with an inherent understanding,
the creator uncovered her genius and talent...alone.
Hyacinthe Baron creates outside the mainstream.
Isolated from the academic world at fifteen
Hyacinthe has continued for more than 40 years
to reach the world and her collectors through
innumerable exhibitions in galleries and publication of her books.
Hyacinthe's art is in The Smithsonian and other
museums and public and private collections.
Collectors include celebrities such as:
Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Onassis,

Jack Benny,Hal Linden, Jane Russell,
Chris Evert, Martha Raye, Lee Radziwill,
Producer Fred De Cordva, Malcomb Forbes
Marilyn Monroe, Lady Slim Keith, Diana Ross
Louise Nevelson, Jim Brown, Rod McKuen
Xavier Cugat, Christian Dior, Halston,
Charles James and Marcel Duchamp.

Hyacinthe has been affiliated with many professional organizations as president.
She has been CEO of many companies.
She is a speaker, seminarist and teacher.

An associate of many artists and writers of the 60's in Greenwich Village:
Poet Allen Ginsburg, author Jack Kerouc,
Musicians Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan,Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Dianne Carroll and Vic Damone.
Pop artists: Andy Warhol, George Segal,
Marisol, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein.
Abstractionists: Wilhelm DeKooning,
Jackson Pollack, Franz Kline and many others.

In the 70's Hyacinthe Baron pioneered the first woman's gallery on Madison Avenue in New York City.

In the 80's Hyacinthe created the hand painting industry as chronicled in the national media and the New York Times.
The artist innovated textile designs for
Mary Mcfadden, Givency, Sasson,Charles James,
Oscar DeLaRenta, Halston and other designers and manufacturers.

The Hyacinthe Collection which she designed
appeared in every major department store
and boutique
in the USA, London and Japan.

The reward of being an artist/author/poetplaywright/

sculptor/fashion and home furnishings
Business Owner/Organization President and volunteer/and mother to 4 boys,
is the freedom
to be available when adventure or inspiration occur.

And the joy of being a playful, if no longer
...a wild child.

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